Classpad 3C/3D - Activities (Student Workbook)

Classpad 3C/3D - Activities (Student Workbook)
Classpad 3C/3D - Activities (Student Workbook)
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Title: Mathematics: 3CD – ClassPad activities

Author: Ian Sheppard

This is a student workbook written for the WACE Mathematics: 3CD course. It aims to develop student confidence in the use of technology, specifically Casio’s ClassPad, while engaging in activities where the mathematics is the focus. Unlike a textbook, it doesn’t attempt to cover the whole course and unlike a calculator manual the focus is the mathematics, often a complex problem, with the technology there to support learning the mathematics.

The book is written in the style of the MAWA published books with similar titles for the Mathematics: Specialist courses.

  • 4 chapters
    • Algebra
    • Calculus: Techniques and rules
    • Applications of calculus
    • Chance and data
  • 24 activities/investigations
  • learning notes and full solutions for each activity.
  • 165 pages
  • intended to be used as a student write-in book.

A quote from a user of the draft used in 2013:

I certainly enjoyed having the books for my class. Mostly we did the activities in class and students helped each other, at least in the first instance. On some occasions I then did larger group explanations when it seemed valuable. I tended to use the activities as introductions to a topic or problem type as opposed to practise after teaching.

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